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Video: Two graduate engineers agree – awareness of engineering is needed to increase female participation

According to Engineers Australia’s Women in Engineering report, 48 per cent of Australia’s workforce are female...

Andromeda's founders are building robot BFFs to fight the loneliness epidemic

In 20 years, humanoid robot companions will be as common as the humble robot vacuum cleaner, predicts social...

A day in the life of a mechatronics engineer

Grace Brown, co-founder of Andromeda and winner of Vogue Codes Future Innovators Award for 2021, explains her...

Creative Engineering: Designing an Autonomous Bipedal Humanoid for Space

Growing up, I knew that a career in STEM was the right fit for me. At the age of five, my dream job would have been...

Meet the winner, and the four finalists, of the inaugural Vogue Codes Future Innovators award, presented by Optus

2021 Future Innovators Award winner and engineering student leading a team creating Abi, an autonomous...