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building a future of friendship: companion robots

Empowering humanity through intelligent, empathetic, and intuitive robots. Pioneering the future of human-robot interaction.
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Exploring the frontiers of human-robot interaction and designing the next generation of companion robots

At Andromeda, we bring to life robotic companions with personality and emotional intelligence. Through careful attention to the details of character design and development, we believe we can create robots that feel like real friends, and help improve the well-being and quality of life of their human counterparts.
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meet Abi!

Abi is a robotic companion designed to bring comfort and joy to people of all ages. With her charming personality, Abi provides a new way for people to connect and find companionship. Abi is ideal for use in elder care facilities, hospitals, and with children who need a little extra companionship.
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experience the future of robotics

See how our robotic companions are creating new opportunities for connection, companionship, and care.


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